Summer swim safety tips

Swim safety
Swim safety

GREENVILLE CO. (WSPA) – Drowning is the leading cause of death for children five years old and younger.

This type of tragedy is all too common, especially during the summer months.

Swim coaches with Upstate Splash say kids need to be introduced to the water as early as possible to learn how to swim.

Parents also have to explain to their children that pools and lakes can be fun, but dangerous too.

Many young kids don’t have the “fight or flight” instinct yet, which makes it easier for them to drown.

In addition to putting on safety gear like “floaties” and other devices, many parents encourage swim lessons.

Swim coaches say kids should be wary of the drains in the pools, because bathing suits and hair can easily get caught and suck them in.

The biggest thing for parents to do, is always keep an eye on their kids, even if there are lifeguards and other parents around.

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