Spartanburg Harley group rides for Crimestoppers

The Spartanburg Harley Davidson owners group held a perimeter ride around Spartanburg County Saturday to raise money for Crimestoppers.

The ride started at 10 am and organizers planned to make four stops at Hot Spot gas stations and a stop at Mutts BBQ for lunch.

Spartanburg HOG charged an entry fee and you could also buy a “Back the Blue” t-shirt to help raise funds.

Organizer Ann Gill said she brought the idea up at the May chapter meeting and expected a large crowd because of all the interest.

“They risk their life everyday just like the soldiers across the seas to keep us safe and able to live in a safe environment,” said Gill.

Officer Darren Dukes of the Spartanburg County Sheriffs Office said deputies really appreciate the support.

He said the Crimestoppers anonymous tip line really makes a difference.

“Absolutely, every day part of my job is to go through Crimestoppers tips and to send out info the the department it is relative for,” Dukes said.

Hog member Gerald Brinkman said he holds a special place in his heart for law enforcement and first responders.

“I spent 21 years in the navy keeping the bad guys off shore and the only way I was able to do that was with police officers and sheriffs covering my back and keeping my family safe. I thank them for what they do,” Brinkman said.

He told 7 News he also appreciates them for the service he received during an accident a couple years ago.

“A truck driver fell asleep while I was riding my motorcycle across country and I was drug for a half a mile down a through way…I appreciate the police officers and the paramedics that showed up,” Brinkman said.

Organizers hope the ride continues for years to come.

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