Siblings arrested in record $24M Miami-Dade drug bust

Siblings arrested in $24M Miami-Dade drug bust (Photo: Miami-Dade Police Department)

MIAMI (WFLA) – A police raid on a Miami Lakes home led to the discovery of $24 million from a suspected marijuana trafficker, the largest money seizure in the department’s history.image-of-luis-hernandez-gonzalez

Inside the home, located off NW 169th Terrace and 77th Path, detectives found dozens of buckets stuffed with money hidden in walls and inside an attic compartment and a safe filled with money. A high powered automatic weapon and several packages of steroids were also uncovered by officials scouring the Miami Lakes home.

Luis Hernandez-Gonzalez, 44, was arrested on money laundering, drug and firearms charges. His sister, Salma Hernandez, 32, was also arrested and is facing drug trafficking charges.

According to an arrest affidavit, Hernandez-Gonzalez runs The Blossom Experience store in Miami-Dade. Detectives said he, along with two other individuals, trafficked drugs from Miami-Dade up to Tennessee.

The affidavit also shows he was the target of a DEA investigation from 2010-2013 where he provided drug trading information to confidential informants.image-of-salma-hernandez

In several wiretapped phone conversations, Hernandez-Gonzalez is reportedly providing advice on how to take care of marijuana plants to an individual.

Arrest his arrest, the affidavit states he agreed to talk with police and admitted to helping others grow the drug, including a brother he has in Colorado.

Authorities said Salma Hernandez works at the shop with her brother.

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