Family continues search for shooting, kidnapping victim

Walk for Jermaine West
Walk for Jermaine West

WOODRUFF, SC (WSPA) – It’s been six weeks since Jermaine West was shot and kidnapped in Woodruff.

Marcus Todd, the man who police say shot West, turned himself into police, but has not told them where West’s body is.

West’s family and friends were joined Saturday by members of the community to continue their search, and to try to spread a message of hope during this tough time.

“It’s an injustice that happened to him, and it’s a worse injustice that nobody’s come forward here after over five weeks,” said Michael Thompson, West’s stepfather.

The family was joined by the Vision of Faith Christian Ministry, and walked throughout Woodruff in the hopes that someone will step up with information leading to Jermaine.

“Obviously someone knows what happened. Marcus couldn’t have done this all by himself. It’s time for people to speak out, it’s time to give this family closure,” said Traci Fant, founder of the Upstate Freedom Fighters.

Now, the family has a message for Todd.

“We forgive you. We love you, we don’t understand what happened, but we [are] past that point now. All we [are] asking that you do, just do the right thing. Let us take Jermaine home and give him a proper burial for his mother and kids to have a place to talk with Jermaine and visit,” Thompson says.

If you have any information that could lead to Jermaine, you are asked to call Woodruff Police at 864-476-8132.

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