Behind the scenes at Red, White and Boom fireworks show preparations

SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – This year’s Red, White, and Boom Fourth of July celebration came to an end with a spectacular fireworks show. Our 7 News crew went behind the scenes to see how the show gets put on.

“The public probably doesn’t know how dangerous fireworks are. We always say leave it to the professionals,” said Beth Jones with Zambelli Fireworks. “The adrenaline rush is really something.”

The Laurens resident has been putting on fireworks displays for 10 years and says for a show like Monday’s, the Zambelli Fireworks team starts preparing weeks in advance.

“We may plan and replan and redo and all sorts of things to get the perfect show,” she said.

The team arrives around 2:00 p.m. to start setting up what are known as racks and mortars, which have to be cleaned of debris before each show. The more than 700 shells for Monday’s show get loaded into each mortar.

“Different shells go up different heights. A 3 inch shell will go about 300 feet in the air. 5 inch shell is going about 500 and burst 500 feet out.”

Since this wasn’t an electronic show, each shell’s fuse got lit by hand and timing is very important.

“Make sure to keep one in the air all the time. We don’t want blank space,” said Jones.

Jones says safety is always their main priority when lighting up the skies for the masses. After each show, they’ll watch video recordings to see how they can make the next year bigger and better.

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