Car goes airborne & kills passenger, driver gets DUI charges

Joshua Meadow
Joshua Meadow

SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA) – Police say one man is dead and 2 others are hurt after an accident last month.

The driver is now facing serious DUI charges.

It happened on June 8 around 11 p.m on Wofford Street near the intersection of Michael Street.

Investigators say the driver, Joshua Meadows, was traveling between 67 and 74 miles per hour when he lost control.

The car went into a partial spin, went up an embankment and went airborne.

The car hit a tree on the passenger side front door.

One of the passengers, Harold Fields, was killed.

Two other passengers were seriously hurt.

There were a total of five people in the car.

Deputies got a warrant for Meadow’s medical records and found out he had a blood alcohol level of 0.104% and tested positive for barbituates, Benzodiazepine and Cannabinoids.

Meadows is charged with Felony DUI Resulting in Death and two counts of Felony DUI Resulting in Great Bodily Injury.

The magistrate’s office says he has been denied bond.


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