Fired Ingles employee stabbed after fighting manager in Spartanburg say police

Shacore Smith
Shacore Smith

SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA) – A fired, former Ingles employee was stabbed after fighting a manager on July 4th, according to Spartaburg Police.

Police say they got an assault call at the Ingles on South Pine Street around 11:25 a.m.

They say when they got there the saw the store manager holding down a man identified as Shacore Smith.

They handcuffed Smith and saw that he was bleeding from his left side from two puncture wounds.

A manager told police Smith used to work there but was sent home two days ago for being intoxicated.

They say he came back to work Sunday and was fired for threatening to kill one of the managers.

He was told to leave and not come back.

Police were called for Smith attempting trespass, but they never found him.

Another manager said he was working when Smith attacked him. He said he didn’t see him coming.

He said after taking 3 to 4 hits to the face and taken to the ground, he pulled out a pocket knife and tried to defend himself.

Witnesses say Smith hit the manager in the head and kicked him until other employees pulled Smith off.

The arresting officer is speaking to the judge for warrants on two counts of assault and a criminal trespass.


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