Man tried to lure kids with candy, touches girl on Union playground says report

Allen Ferguson
Allen Ferguson

UNION, SC (WSPA) – Allen Jeffary Ferguson is accused of inappropriately touching a little girl on a playground at the recreation department, according to the Union Police Department.

The mother said her 10-year-old told her the man touched her in the crotch area while sliding down the slide.

The girl told police she and her friend were on the playground when the man came up to them and asked them if they wanted to come to his house, because he was going to have a party.

They said the man told them if they would come back to the playground tomorrow, he would have a basket of candy and money to give them if they didn’t tell anyone.

She said the man grabbed her in her “no spot” when she went down the slide and told her to get on the table and spread her legs as wide as she could.

The girl told police that she and her friend had seen the man the day before at the home of a man they knew on Spring St.

They say he was watching porn with the front door open.

She says the man wanted them to come in.

They told the person they knew at the home and he kicked Ferguson out and told him not to come back.

The girl’s friend said Ferguson had been following him around prior to today and thought it was weird.

The friend told his dad about the incident.

The dad says he found Ferguson and followed him to a home on O’Shields St.

Allen Ferguson is charged with one count of Criminal Sexual Conduct 3rd degree.


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