Woman confronts sister with machete over crack money say Union deputies

Krystal Dunaway
Krystal Dunaway

JONESVILLE, SC (WSPA) – A woman confronted her sister over $40 she lent her for crack, say Union Co. deputies.

They say they got a call about a domestic dispute between a woman and her sister on B St.

When they got there they saw Krystal Dunaway standing in the front yard holding a machete.

They asked Dunaway what she was doing with the machete and she told them her sister wouldn’t come out and face her.

Deputies say Dunaway told them she and her sister were arguing over $40 dollars Dunaway let her borrow to buy crack and she wouldn’t pay it back.

Deputies say the sister told them she went to her grandmother’s home and Dunaway knocked on the door and wanted to talk to her.

She says her grandmother opened the door and Krystal came in swinging the machete trying to hit her.

Instead of hitting her, Dunaway hit the grandmother in the arm with the blunt side causing a bruise.

She and her grandmother were able to close the door on Dunaway.

They say Dunaway starting beating on the door and yelling she was going to kill her.

The say they grandmother didn’t press charges over getting hit in the arm.

The sister said she didn’t want to press charges because Dunaway was coming after her.

The owner of the home where the argument started want to press charges for Dunaway destroying her front door.

Dunaway has been charged with Assault and Battery 1st Degree and Malicious Damage.


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