Woman dies after crashing stolen truck into bank

Credit: WAVY

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Virginia Beach Police say a woman died after crashing a stolen pick-up truck into Bank @tlantec early Tuesday morning.

The woman was identified as 33-year-old Misty Dawn Luce.

Photos: Fatal crash at Bank @tlantec in VB

Investigators determined that Luce drifted across all four lanes heading east on S. Independence, and over-corrected to the left until she reached the area of the 7-Eleven at Edwin Drive. Luce then reportedly drifted to the right until she left the roadway on the southeast corner of S. Independence and Edwin Drive.

Emergency dispatchers were alerted to the accident at 2:53 a.m. Tuesday.

The truck she was driving went between two poles, up an embankment and was launched 40 to 50 feet before hitting an unoccupied parked truck at the Bank @lantec.

“We came here right away and saw the carnage,” said Virginia Beach resident Mike Barnes. He owns the car that was struck by the Dodge Ram. Barnes parked his white Ford F-150 at Bank @lantec Monday to watch the fireworks at Mount Trashmore. When the show was over Barnes walked home so as not to fight traffic. He said he planned to pick up his truck the next morning.

Police say when Luce drove up the embankment and hit Barnes’ truck, his truck moved from the parking lot onto the road.

“That’s at least 60-65 feet. That a Ford F-150 was knocked that far, that’s unbelievable,” said Barnes.

The Dodge Ram then rolled onto its roof and crashed against the side of the bank.

A neighbor who lives two blocks away says he heard a loud bang, then moments later, lots of sirens.

Another witness says he tried to help the woman in the truck — who was later identified as Luce. He says she was in and out of consciousness as he tried to help.

Paramedics took Luce to the hospital where doctors pronounced her dead.

Investigators confirmed they were unable to find identification in the pick-up truck.

The truck was cleared from the scene more than four hours after the accident was reported.

“We’re very lucky that it just hit the exterior wall here and this wall just supports the ATM area, so our main building was spared.” said Bank @lantec President and CEO Susan Ralston.

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