Easley Pastor to give speech at Republican National Convention

EASLEY, SC (WSPA-TV) Easley pastor, Mark Burns, will take center stage at next week’s Republican National Convention. He is the only South Carolinian chosen to give a speech and he’s a long time supporter of Donald Trump.

“Mr. Trump is not a man who forgets people who support him,” said Burns, Friday. “To have a local pastor from South Carolina and to think to be the only voice from the great state of South Carolina to be speaking to the nation, to the world, that’s humbling.”

As the head of the now television network and pastor of Easley’s Harvest Praise and Worship Center, Burns has traveled the country stumping for Trump this year. At every stop he said he shares a message of unity.

“We have to bring our country together. We have to really stop focusing on the things that separate us,” said Burns.

He believes it’s a timely message as the country undergoes turmoil that is often dividing down racial lines.

“So, I say we have to stop making issues in black communities “black issues” and start making them “American issues”, [otherwise] they will never get solved,” said Burns.

Addressing criticism, Burns said calling him a “black pastor supporting Trump” is a distracting rhetoric that panders to people.

“I’m not just a yes man on the campaign trail,” he explained.

Burns said he’s part of a select team within the Trump campaign helping to create policies affecting minority communities. A 5 point plan is set to be released following the convention; but, first, Burns has to get through his speech, which will have a familiar theme.

“There’s more that we can learn from each other by loving each other,” he said.

7 News will be live at the convention next week. Keep following 7 News on Facebook and Twitter for the latest.

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