Greenwood family in Nice, France during deadly truck attack

(WSPA)- A family from Greenwood is safe after a deadly truck attack.

They were near that scene in Nice, France Thursday night.

Dr. Sameh Hanna works at Greenwood Internal Medicine.  He said his family had just arrived in the resort town in southern France and were watching the fireworks during a Bastille Day celebration.

“We didn’t actually enter the promenade,” said Hanna during a phone interview on 7 News Daybreak.  “We were at the intersection with another street, which was exactly where it supposedly happened.  We just walked away three minutes before.

They didn’t witness the shootings, but saw the aftermath and described it as chaos.

“People started running and they were all coming at us.  Instinctively, we held the kids and just ran and took cover into a building,” said Hanna.  “People were screaming and crying.  We went out and it was like chaos.”

Hanna was on the balcony of his apartment Friday morning and said he could still see the active crime scene as the forensics team processed the truck used in the attack.

After the attack, the family reached out to relatives and friends to let them know they were okay.

“We didn’t actually know what was happening at first,” said Hanna.  “We didn’t even know the scale of this attack.”

The family was planning to spend 6 days in Nice, but they aren’t sure how the attack will impact their travel plans.

“You always think it’s never going to happen to you.  This is just beyond belief,” said Hanna.


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