Family shaken after moving truck drove into home

Credit: WATE

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Despite putting up a line of bushes to protect their home, a family is lucky to be alive after a moving van hit their home.

“I was sitting on my couch enjoying a very relaxing afternoon. Then the house jumped and the couch kicked me off of it. I said something is wrong here,” said Joshua Robinson, a resident at the house.

Robinson was right. A moving truck plowed through his home.

“I expected to see a pick-up truck that misjudged a turn. Then I saw this monstrosity of a moving van,” said Robinson.

It hit the house so hard that it moved it four inches off of the foundation. Robinson was sitting in the room next door, just feet away from the crash. The rest of his family was on vacation in Ohio.

“I cam back this afternoon and sat down on the couch and I was nervous that someone may come through these bushes again,” said Robinson.

Neighbors say people are going way too fast around the corner in front of his house. Street signs say to go 20 miles per hour but drivers are not following that.

“All it takes is an instant to miss this sign and that turn jumps right up on you,” said Robinson.

Pamela Wise lives across the street. She says once a year there is a big crash at this corner.

“They will be sorry, if they are really exceeding the speed limit,” said Wise.

Robinson said although the moving truck did exceed the speed limit, the strong oak wood from his 150 year-old home stopped it from causing more damage.

“A newer house…a vehicle with that much mass and speed would have gone straight through and out the other side,” said Robinson.

Robinson is just thankful no one was seriously hurt. The passenger in the car was the only person who was injured. He just had a cut knee.

“For as terrible as this wreck was, it couldn’t have gone any better.”

Robinson said someone is coming to the house on Monday to assess the damage. He said that’s when they will find out if they can stay in the house, while it’s being repaired or if it can be repaired at all.

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