People fall off cliffs, get hit by car while playing Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is now the most popular mobile game in U.S. history, according to new data from SurveyMonkey. (AP file)

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – As the hype surrounding the new Pokemon Go game rises, so too does the number of people getting injured while playing the game.

Just two weeks after it launched, Pokemon Go has already become the most popular mobile video game ever. However, some people are losing track of their surroundings while playing it.

Already in the past week, two men chased Pokemon off a cliff in San Diego, and 15-year-old Autumn Deisroth was hit by a car on a busy Pittsburgh Street.

“Just be careful, watch where you’re going,” Deisroth warned everyone playing the game.

On Saturday, cars were left on busy New York City streets so people could play the game in Central Park.

The popular game was scheduled to be launched in 26 new countries Saturday, but thanks to hackers, the worldwide roll-out crashed.

The hackers said more attacks on the game are planned. The company behind Pokemon Go said they are working to fix the server issues.

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