Police officer teaches kids about stranger danger

Credit: KIMT

ST. ANSGAR, Iowa (KIMT) – Most family reunions involve games, a pool party and bbq’s, but the Schulz family is doing something a little different for theirs today. A family member who is a police officer is teaching the kids about stranger danger.

“I started Tammy Town in 2011 as a way to teach kids how to be careful around people they don’t know,” said Officer Tammy Schulz.

Officer Schulz has been wearing the badge for 23 years. She’s originally from St. Ansgar, but now lives in Bartlett, IL.

She invented Tammy Town as a way for kids to interact while learning about the dangers of talking to strangers.

“It’s really fun for them and they really get into it through the role play,” said Officer Schulz. “This is what law enforcement practices with when they do their big scenarios.”

There are 12 scenarios for a child to choose from including what to do if they get lost or someone is suffering from a medical emergency.

“Let’s say they have the one with the stranger offering them a ride. I’ll ask them if they want a ride in my car and they have to say no, go, tell,” said Officer Schulz.

Tammy finds this hands-on lesson is beneficial for these young minds.

“If it’s good for the adults to do it then it’s good for the kids to do and they remember it because they learn it,” said Officer Schulz.

Today at her own family reunion she was able to show her cousins Tammy Town for the first time.

Family members say they couldn’t be more proud of how she’s educating kids.

“She works day and night keeping this passion going and just loves to teach everybody how to be safe,” said Kathy Schulz, Tammy’s Mother.

Tammy is hoping that everyone who participates in Tammy Town understands the importance of staying safe.

“We can’t be with them the kids all the time, but we want them to be protected,” said Officer Schulz.

Tammy has presented Tammy Town to more than 25,000 children.

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