Recorded phone call shows IRS scammers’ tactics

In March, Mitsy Jost recorded a similar phone call that she and her husband, Gene, received from someone claiming to be with the Treasury Department. “Ignoring this will be unintentional attempt to avoid initial appearance before a magistrate, judge or a grand jury for a federal criminal offense,” said someone claiming to be a treasury authority.

“They did have some key words which would scare people from sleeping. I’m afraid some people would have a stroke,” said Gene Jost.

Scammers call people of all ages. Fredy Sosa told WATE 6 On Your Side that a so-called debt collector threatened his family. He said the heavily accented man claiming he was an officer of the court was not very polite.

“He said I needed to send him $280,” said Sosa. “He said that if I don’t pay him, my kids would be living on the dark side.”

Important tips to remember

  • Neither the IRS nor the Treasury Department will call to demand immediate payment
  • If you owe money, you will get a bill in the mail first
  • The IRS does not threaten to bring in local police for not paying taxes
  • Neither the Treasury Department nor the IRS will demand you pay without giving you the opportunity to appeal
  • No one will ask you to buy a pre-paid card at Walmart and to give them the numbers.

If you receive a scammer calling your home, report it online to the United States Treasury Department.

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