Family reunited with beloved pet duck

Credit: KOIN

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A Southeast Portland resident said she’s grateful to have her pet duck back after he was reportedly stolen during a confrontation between homeowners and homeless campers Sunday along the Springwater Corridor.

Karen Archer said she found her family’s pet duck Pietrie with his legs bound.

“I’ve just been praying about him all week,” Archer said. “I’ve been sick to my heart.”

Security cameras in her yard reportedly caught a man taking off with Pietrie in a bag. Archer said the person used chips and oatmeal to lure him to the edge of the fence.

Later in the week, her neighbor miraculously heard a noise near the house.

“She said, ‘I found Pietrie! He’s bound up, but he’s alive!’” Archer said.

Pietrie can’t quack, but he scratched an old metal bed frame to get her attention.

Archer said his legs were bound with a cellphone chord. She said it was wrapped so tightly around his legs that she had to cut it in 3 places in order to remove it.

“He’s like our dog… I’m just really grateful they brought him back,” she said.

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