People with disabilities learn to ride bicycles

iCanBike, the Eastside YMCA and Taylor’s First Baptist Church partner on the first week in August to teach people with disabilities how to ride a bike.

Organizers got started early on August 1st registering participants ages 7 all the way to some people in their twenties so they could get started.

“The participants will be working with community volunteers and iCanBike experts to learn confidence and independence while learning the skills they’ll need to balance on a bicycle,” said organizer Lindsay Buckles.

The Eastside YMCA helps put the event together with Taylor’s First Baptist as a host. Minister of Recreation Daryl Hopkins said he enjoys seeing the smiles on volunteers and participants faces as they learn.

iCanBike research shows between 80% and 90% if people with disabilities never experience riding a two wheeled bike by themselves.

Eastside YMCA organizers said this program has an 80% success rate.

Mother Melissa Stork said the program helps her son Evan learn through touch and isn’t something she could afford to teach him on her own.

“If it wasn’t for the community and the people contributing and the volunteers I couldn’t do it for him, I couldn’t afford it because of the expenses. I’m so very grateful,” she said.

Participants begin in the gymnasium on bikes with only one wheel and progress to cruiser bikes and then ride outside in the parking lot. The program lasts Monday through Friday.

To learn more about the iCanBike program visit this website.

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