Tryon hosting “massive” Pokémon lure drop Saturday­

pokemon in tryon

TRYON, NC (WSPA) – With the Pokémon Go craze in full force, those wanting to “catch ‘em all” should head to Tryon, North Carolina this Saturday.

The town is hosting a massive Pokémon “lure” drop from 10am to 2pm, attracting Pokémon and people to the streets of downtown.

Business owners in Tryon say they’ve seen a boost in sales from people coming from all over to play the game. So, why not capitalize on that with an entire event?

For those that don’t get the lingo, 14 year old “Pokémon Master” Liam Daniels explained what a lure is.

“It just attracts a lot of Pokémon and, hopefully, a whole lot of people,” said Daniels.

Basically, the more lures that are thrown, the more Pokémon there are to catch.

Liam’s dad and local business owner, Tim Daniels, has already seen a benefit from the virtual game.

“On one Saturday, we were just sitting in the shop and I said, “you know what, I’m just going to keep throwing those lures out,” because we have a spot out in front of our store,” Daniels explained. “People started crawling out of the woodwork. We got traffic in our shop and sold a few things.”

With 4 virtual gyms and 17 Pokéstops, the mountain town has already proven itself to be a huge draw to gamers.

Tourism board president, Michaila Cowles, said the lure drop is a perfect way to get in on the fun.

“ We are trying our best to constantly fill the streets and bring people into Tryon and this was just another event to kind of capitalize its popularity, show them downtown what we have to offer and hopefully keep them coming back,” said Cowles.

Tryon will have cops and firemen out to keep things orderly, but they do ask people use their heads. They’ve already had more than 3000 people share this event, so they are expecting a big crowd.

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