Winner chosen from Spartanburg homeless picture project

Courtesy: Through Our Eyes, Annette Barnett

SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – A project called “Through Our Eyes” handed out 100 cameras to 100 people who are homeless to tell their story.

Jason Williamson organized the project.

“We wanted to give these photographers and opportunity to show us their life on the streets of Spartanburg,” said Williamson. “Show us where they went to eat, where they slept, and what mattered most to them.”

He says the pictures opened up the eyes of many people in the community.

“People were speechless. There were no words to describe the things that they saw,” explained Williamson of when the photographs were on display at the Chapman Cultural Center. “It was not uncommon to see people there with tears in their eyes.”

Annette Barnett’s photograph took first place. She says her picture, entitled “The Love is Good” shows a hope and a love for everyone.

“We’re all humans,” said Barnett. “We all have a heart and soul.”

Barnett was homeless and living in a shelter when she took the picture after a Bible study at the rescue mission.

“Hope, no matter what color you are, no matter what you believe in, we all have hope, prayers,” Barnett explained.

She picked out a television as her reward and received other donations from Anderson Mill Road Baptist Church.

She says the greatest gift is being able to change opinions. “They helped me prove to a lot of people that we do exist.”

Disposable cameras for Spartanburg homeless
100 cameras given to Spartanburg homeless, top photos chosen

Courtesy: Through Our Eyes, Ray Kelly
Courtesy: Through Our Eyes, Ray Kelly


Courtesy: Through Our Eyes, Robert Aldridge
Courtesy: Through Our Eyes, Robert Aldridge




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