Panthers Camp behind the scenes: grounds crew maintenance

SPARTANBURG (WSPA) – The Carolina Panthers’ training camp is one of the highlights of the year for many people in Spartanburg.

To get the camp up and running smoothly, a lot of work goes in behind the scenes.

The grounds crew at Wofford starts preparing for training camp as early as February.

After the NFL’s Hall of Fame game was cancelled due to poor field conditions Sunday night, Seven News wanted to see what was being done here to make sure the fields are in prime condition when the players head out to practice each day.

Andy Kiah is the Director of Athletic Facilities at Wofford College, and his job all depends on the weather. That determines how much water the fields get each day, and if the tractors make extra laps to clean up the divets in the field.

Unlike most of the Upstate, the grounds crew needs the high temperatures and the rain to keep the fields in prime shape.

The heat helps the grass grow, and the rain gives the grass nutrients irrigation systems can’t.

Kiah says this year has been one of the easier years on him at training camp. After this camp is over, he’s focusing on the field conditions for Wofford’s soccer and football teams.

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