Gov. Nikki Haley attends opening of workplace readiness center

Gov. Haley in Union Co.
Gov. Haley in Union Co.

UNION COUNTY (WSPA) – A new center in Union County is aiming to put more people in jobs.

The center wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Governor Nikki Haley.

Governor Haley’s non-profit group, the Original Six Foundation, donated $37,000 to help create Meeting Place on Main in Union County.

Pastor Neil Keisler, the director of Meeting Place, says 60% of people looking for jobs in Union are ages 19-64. Keisler says many of the people who are unemployed simply don’t know what steps to take to start looking for a job.

Meeting Place is helping people get prepared for the big interview, whether it’s creating a resume, interview prep, or finding the right outfit to wear.

The unemployment rate in Union County used to be 17%. Now, it’s at 7%, but Governor Haley hopes this program helps drop that number down to zero.

In addition to the job center, there’s also Common Grounds, a coffee and sandwich shop. The funds from the store are going to help keep the center open long-term.

With the new center opening it’s doors, Union County is hoping to become the standard for anyone in search of a better life.

Meeting Place on Main is also going to add a young mentoring center, to help teenagers if they are in search of a job or need help in their personal lives.

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