School bus delays possible with driver shortage in Greenville Co., officials say

School bus delays possible with driver shortage in Greenville Co., officials say

A school bus driver shortage in Greenville County could have your child getting home from school a little later than usual this school year.

Despite a number of job fairs and advertising to hire more drivers, Greenville County School District officials say they’re still shy 40 drivers this school year.

Now, officials are warning parents of delayed pick-up and drop-off times.

“When someone’s out, that means we’re doubling a route, tripling a route, and so there could be 20 minute to 60 minute delays due to driver shortages,” says Routing and Scheduling Coordinator David Poag.

Poag says the driver shortage is nothing new to Greenville County Schools.

He says there’s been a significant need for drivers for the past four years.

“It seems and feels sometimes like a revolving door because you get folks in and they think they like it they get ahold of it, and the student management sometimes causes them to choose another profession.”

At $13.91/hour, Poag says Greenville County Schools pay bus drivers the most in the state.

He believes, it’s the amount of responsibility a bus driver has, that could be the reason behind the shortage.

“I think people are scared of the size of the bus, some folks are scared of the amount of students on a bus, which is rightfully so. Student management is one of the toughest aspects of school transportation.”

Poag says it could take 4 to 6 weeks to become a school bus driver with no experience.

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