What beer, wine & spirits does the Upstate drink?


SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA) – Liquid Catering released a survey of what adult beverages people in the Upstate like to drink.

They say they surveyed more than 500 people at events, planner and vendors to find out.

This is what they found:


69% said they were fine with boxed wine as long as it tasted good.

18% said wine is wine, no matter where it comes from.

13% said it isn’t worth drinking unless it has a cork.


36.6% – Vodka (Tito’s was most popular at 42.22%, Absolut was second with 13.33%)

34.09% – Bourbon

6.92% – Scotch, Canadian Whiskey and rum


31.82% – Blue Moon

25% – Stella Artois

20.45% – R.J. Rocker’s Son of a Peach

18.18% – Yuengling

Liquid Catering say they did the survey because they want to make their service better by knowing what the average wedding attendee or other event attendee wants.

“The data is interesting because it flies in the face of conventional wisdom, but also shows growth in the Upstate wine market,” she said. “People are learning that the packaging of wine is not nearly as important as the taste,” said Tammy Johnson, the company’s owner.

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