Upstate counties “Stepping Up” mental health help

Lee Correctional inmate death - file photo

Spartanburg County is now part of the “Stepping Up” initiative. It’s a nationwide push to enhance the care for the mentally ill to prevent them from getting into jail and treating them accurately while they’re in jail.

Tuesday night, Greenville County Council voted unanimously to pass the “Stepping Up” initiative.

Right now, the Spartanburg County Detention Center holds over 700 inmates at any given day, and the jail’s main issue is dealing with mental illness in inmates.

The Stepping Up initiative aims to have counties evaluate how large the mental health need is in the community. Then from those results they will actively address the issues at hand.

Spartanburg County Detention Center says they are moving ahead of those evaluation results, having a mental health counselor in house 3 days a week, working to get a psychiatrist in 2 days a week, and get inmates medication faster.

To read more about the Stepping Up Initiative, click here.

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