Business owner asks for public’s help catching “Ten Thousand Dollar Thief”

GREER, S.C. (WSPA-TV) Greer businessman Curtis Teems is fed up with thieves stealing thousands in parts and tires from his auto salvage lot.

“It’s just like they don’t even care. I guess they don’t want to work. They’d rather steal than work,” Curtis said.

He thought putting up security cameras would deter thieves looking to score, but his latest theft at Import Auto Salvage caught on that very camera has Teems reeling.

“Counting this car and the 7 or 8 other cars up there, we’re talking $7 to $10,000 dollars of tires and wheels,” said Teems, pointing to a stripped Ford Explorer near the front of his lot by Wade Hampton Boulevard.

They were all allegedly stolen by a man in a bright orange shirt visible to drivers traveling along Wade Hampton Boulevard in broad daylight, last month.

“He did it on a Saturday and Sunday morning right here on the main highway like he wasn’t afraid. [It is] as if he said, ‘I wanted to come get it, it’s mine.’”

Teems took 7 News’ Addie Hampton through his yard, showing her the thieves’ path, Friday.

Teems filed a police report with Greer Police. They have no updates on the case.

“We got car dealers up and down the road who tell me, one who buys parts from me, people are stealing from him daily,” Teems explained.

7 News spoke to that businessman off camera who said this is happening so frequently, he’s growing weary of continually filing complaints and paperwork.

“I’m hoping someone will know this guy,” said Teems.

It is why Teems is putting his footage out there, hoping to catch at least one thief and send a message that, if you steal from them, they will find you.

If you recognize this man, you are urged to call the Greer Police Department.

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