Family sues Hilton Hawaiian Village, Crocs over escalator injury

The family is suing after the 2014 accident in Hawaii.

KHON-TV–Parents in Texas are suing a Waikiki hotel and the shoemaker Crocs after their son was injured in an escalator accident.

The family was staying at Hilton Hawaiian Village in 2014.

They were with their two-year-old son going down an escalator when they say their son’s foot got trapped.

The lawsuit describes the incident, alleging the boy’s “‘foot [becoming] entangled and sucked into … [an] escalator’ resulting in complete de-gloving injury to his left foot, broken and fractured bones and multiple surgical repairs.”

The family says Hilton workers tried dismantling it, but didn’t have the right tools.

After about an hour, the boy was freed, but the lawsuit says he now “suffers from ‘permanent and painful physical injuries…’”

Both Crocs and Hilton Hawaiian Village say they do not comment on pending lawsuits.

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