GHS implants dissolving stent in first patient

It’s a medical breakthrough in treating clogged arteries. 7 News reported in July about a new kind of stent that slowly absorbs into the body.

Now, Greenville Health System has implanted the stent in their first patient.

Dr. Zach George performed the first implant last month, after the approval from the Food and Drug Administration. Abbott Laboratories developed the stent that unlike traditional metal stents, will eventually dissolve.

“That has always been the holy grail, if you will, for interventional cardiologists, is to be able to fix an artery with a stent, and then get all the benefits of that stent in the short-term and then long-term not have anything left to cause problems down the road,” Dr. George explained.

The absorb stent isn’t for everyone. Dr. George says they will still rely on traditional types of stents for some patients and types of blockages.

“It just boils down to wanting to do what’s best for each and every patient,” he said.

27-year-old Chad Watson was the first recipient of the new stent at GHS. He was on the job with his landscaping company when he knew he wasn’t feeling well.

“Tired and unusual heartbeat,” Watson remembered. Doctors told him his heart was beating too fast and he had a blocked artery.

Just days later, Watson was already back at work and fully recovered.

“I’m very glad, very fortunate just to be able to provide for my family and to be out here, at work again,” Watson said.

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