Bookstore responds after comedian Amy Schumer calls Tampa ‘horrendous’

Credit: WFLA

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Stefani Beddingfield was just about to close up shop at Inkwood Books in Tampa Friday night, when she decided to crack open comedian Amy Schumer’s new memoir, “The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo”.

Just a few pages in, Beddingfield couldn’t believe what she was reading.

Schumer takes a shot at Tampa in the book. “I was on the road doing a tour between two horrendous cities: Fayetteville, North Carolina, and Tampa, Florida. I’m not scared about writing that or making those people mad, because I know for a fact that no one who lives there has ever read a book,” she writes.

“When I actually read that, my first thought was, ‘Hey! I’m in Tampa and I’m reading a book; that’s not right,” Beddingfield said.

She then changed the sign in front of her store to read: “Dear Ms. Schumer – Give us another chance? Love, the three people who read.”

“Most people see the humor,  but I have had more serious customers who are like, ‘I read. I have a 1,000-book reading list and I have more books than she had had one-night stands,’” Beddingfield explained.

Via Twitter, Beddingfield even invited Schumer to do a book signing at Inkwood Books when the comedian is in town in October. Schumer is bringing her comedy tour to the Amalie Arena.

“Totally kidding. Loved the book, love your humor. Not kidding about signing books though…we’re up to like 17 readers now,” Beddingfield’s tweet reads.

Schumer replied, “I really appreciate your offer. I trash Long Island, where I’m from all the time. Maybe I’ll come by if the timing works!”

Schumer’s comments about Tampa are just a few pages into the memoir as the comedian recalls a memorable romantic encounter she had in the city.

News Channel 8 asked Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn if he had read the passage. Taking a page out of the comedian’s book, he replied with a joke.

“Based on what I read, she had a hell of a one-night stand. so, there are some Tampanians that are doing their jobs,” Mayor Buckhorn said.

Buckhorn hopes Schumer will give the city another chance.

“Certainly, she is entitled to her opinion, as misinformed as it might be. But I am certain if she got to know us like we know each other, she would probably want to move here,” the mayor said.

On October 16th, Schumer will return to Tampa for a show at Amalie Arena.

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