Man wearing surgical gloves, robs mini-mart at gunpoint in Union Co.

UNION COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA)- Deputies are investigating an armed robbery at a mini-mart in Union County, where the man was wearing sunglasses and surgical gloves.

That’s according to the incident report from the Union County Sheriff’s Office.

The report says it happened Saturday around 10:20 p.m. at the Lockhart One Stop on Jonesville-Lockhart Highway in the Lockhart community.

A store employee told deputies a man wearing a blue hoodie, black sunglasses and surgical gloves walked straight up to the cash register and told her to “open your drawer and give me all your money”, while holding up a gun.

The employee said she went to hit the robbery button but the man told her, “don’t do that or I’ll shoot”.

The man took all the money from the cash register and left. The employee wasn’t sure if he ran off or drove away from the scene.

The Union County Sheriff’s Office called in a K-9 unit to help search the area for the suspect, but they weren’t able to find the man.

Deputies say about $300 was stolen from the cash register.

They are still investigating. There isn’t a clear enough description to give of the suspect.

If you know anything, call the Union County Sheriff’s Office.

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