Student, parent safe driving pledge required for parking at Wren High

August 22, 2016 marks the first day students and parents will have to sign a pledge to be able to get a parking space at Wren High School.

Wren High Principal Nichole Boseman will work with Lacey Councill from AnMed Doc Link and Tracey WIlliams to hold a safe driving seminar. Williams lost her only daughter Danielle Williams in March 2016 in a car accident.

Lacey Council with AnMed Doc Link uses coroner’s reports in her presentation at the seminar. Council said she uses graphic but factual information to explain to students that car accidents can be deadly and any distraction is dangerous.

Council said 31 students died in car crashes in Anderson County since 2007. 16 deaths came from Anderson School District One. 11 from Wren Middle or High school, which is more than the other 4 districts combined.

Council said the school is in a busy area and the roads are too small, not forgiving if you’re speeding or distracted.

Boseman said the safe driving agreement will need to be signed by parents and students after they agree to specific driving rules. This is in addition to the Alive at 25 defensive driving program students must pass and the state permit exam.

20 year old Lance Jones and 21 year old Kayla Lee Mann died in that accident. One other person was injured.

Williams said the accident happened on an average Sunday night. She said her daughter was spending time with her friends and stopped by Williams home to visit with her mother before hand.

Williams said the last thing she said to her daughter as she was pulling out of the drive way was I love you.

“I had tears in my eyes that day and never did i think that was going to be the last time,” Williams said.

William’s husband is a firefighter and their family was comforted by other firefighters on the accident scene.

“We always sat back and thought well that couldnt be us,” Williams said.

Just months after the accident Tracey Williams is speaking at the same driving seminars to try to help others avoid the pain she went through. She said Danielle was always looking for a way to help others and by sharing her story, she will help her memory live on.

“I feel like she wants me to tell her story. To try to save someone else,” Williams said.

The safe driving seminars will be held Aug 22, several times this month and a couple times a month after that as students receive their permits.


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