New senior citizen services heading to Middle Tyger Community Center

LYMAN, S.C. – Woodruff resident Theresa Yerkes says at 75 years old, there’s no slowing her down.

“I like to encourage people to stay as active as they can as long as they can,” she said. “Unfortunately, many seniors have become kind of cut off. Their families have grown… Gone. And they just don’t feel that they’re needed anymore.”

The Middle Tyger Community Center in Lyman hopes to change that with a new senior center.

“We’re excited to be able to expand the services that we offer to the community to include programming specifically targeted at our senior population,” said MTCC Executive Director Andrea Moore. She says nationwide – the Baby Boomer population is transitioning into retirement, creating a need for senior services no matter where you live. “For a lot of people who live in outlying areas of the county, transportation can be a huge issue,” said Moore.

Middle Tyger Community CenterThe senior center would be located at the community center, which serves other residents of all ages. It’s something Moore says they’ll use to their advantage, calling it ‘intergenerational programming.’

“Seek volunteers who may be interested in tutoring adult ed students or volunteering in our health clinic or reading to pre-school children,” Moore said. She says they’re going to need to make room for the additional seniors so plans for renovations include expanding the facility. It’ll have classes, workshops, group activities, transportation and information assistance, congregate dining, home meal delivery, and information on healthy aging and injury prevention. Officials are expecting to serve more than 200 seniors by 2018. A capital campaign was also announced Tuesday to help fund the additional services.

“It’s important because it lets them know that somebody cares about them,” said Yerkes.

The community center will start offering senior services around mid-September. Other community partners include the Spartanburg County Parks Department, Spartanburg Regional Foundation, the Appalachian Council of Governments and the South Carolina Lieutenant Governor’s Office.

If you want to get involved, call MTCC at (864) 439-7760 or Spartanburg Parks at (864) 804-5813.

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