Anderson School district, student respond to bullying lawsuit

AP File photo

ANDERSON COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Anderson County School District 1 wants a lawsuit against them dismissed.

In May, a student sued Anderson School District 1 and another student saying she suffered threats and abuse.  It says the bullying began last spring at Powdersville Middle School.

The complaint claims the school didn’t interfere and prevent a student from being bullied last spring.

The documents claim she was spit on and her head was slammed into a bathroom sink. Then once she reported the bullying, it says nothing was done.

In this response from Anderson County School District 1, it claims they should not be liable for the actions of the students involved, partly because the student’s weren’t following the districts code of conduct.

It denies the claims made in the lawsuit and says it handled the situation appropriately.

In their response, it claims the student didn’t report a verbal fight 45 minutes before the incident happened and that the district cannot be liable for the injuries that followed.

The other student named in the lawsuit also answered the lawsuit. The response admits the student was charged and suspended in the altercation but denies other claims. It alleges the student’s charged were later dismissed. Like the district’s response, it also asks that the case be dismissed.

The school district and their attorney are still not commenting on the lawsuit or their response at this time.

When the lawsuit was initially filed, the district superintendent did release the following statement:

Statement from Anderson One Superintendent David Havird On behalf of Anderson School District One, I want to assure all parents, students, and members of the community that the District does not tolerate bullying. Our administrators and staff take reports of any bullying very seriously and follow both District and school policies, as well as State law when addressing accusations of bullying. We work hard to maintain a positive and safe climate for our students and staff. A recent article references a lawsuit, which has been recently filed against the District regarding allegations of bullying. We are limited in these circumstances as to what we can properly say publicly, because we must protect the confidentiality of all District students and their families. It also is not appropriate for me to comment on pending litigation. However, the District wishes to make it clear that we dispute many of the assertions made in the lawsuit, and we believe appropriate actions were taken by the administration. The well being and safety of all students is a top priority of the District.”

Trevor White, the attorney for the student who filed the bullying lawsuit, also says he cannot comment. The only thing he would say is that they stand by the allegations in the complaint.

To take a look at Anderson School District One’s bullying policy, click HERE.


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