School districts dreading Epi-Pen price hike

GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA) – The largest school district in the state is concerned it may no longer be able to provide a life-saving medication to students who suffer allergic reactions.

The Epi-Pen is credited with saving the lives of people who have severe reactions. One dose can counteract the allergy, buying critical time for the the sufferer to be medically treated.

Mylan, the company who makes the Epi-Pen, is expected to raise the price nearly 400 percent, making it unaffordable for school districts like greenville county.

“If we are looking at having to buy 182 of these at $600 apiece, we’re looking at $110,000,” said Beth Brotherton, spokeswoman for Greenville County Public School District. “Certainly, that would be something that would be more cost-prohibitive.”

Mylan has not said why it’s raising the price on this medication. Greenville School District administrators say it’s hoping the company will allow schools to purchase the medicine at a reduced rate

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