Special Needs Catering Service sells meals in the Upstate

(WSPA)– Feel free to take advantage of a great lunch made by students from Boiling Springs and Chesnee High Schools.

Spartanburg School District 2 offers a unique learning program to their secondary students enrolled in the district’s occupational program.

These students spend half of their school day at transition labs located at the Upstate Family Resource Center.

Students are gaining job readiness skills and independent living skills

The activities include gardening to transportation, budgeting, cleaning, cooking, organizing and other skills needed to promote self-sufficiency in adulthood.

Two job coaches that allow the student to participate in job shadowing activities within the Boiling Springs and Chesnee Communities.

Exceptional Eats is the newest addition to the Transition Labs, a small catering Business where kids learn to Grocery Shop, read recipes, prepare meals from scratch, package and deliver individualized meals to faculty and staff at the different schools and district office in the district.

This program has been quite successful over the last six years with many of the students gaining competitive employment.

They learn about living independently and one student was accepted to the Clemson Life Program.

If you would like to order lunch, email Amber.plumley@spartanburg2.k12.sc.us. Meals are $7.


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