Police address clown sightings in Greenville

GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA) – The Greenville Police and Greenville Co. Sheriff’s Office held a news conference today to address the recent clown sightings.

There have been 7 sightings in the Upstate as off Thursday evening.


They say there are different descriptions of the clowns.

They don’t know if there are on or two people doing it repetitively or if there are multiple people.

They don’t know if it’s connected to the upcoming movie “31” or if someone is “Somewhat politely terrorizing” the community.


They say a person can be charged because you are causing a disruption and causing fear in the community.

They say Greenville City ordinance prohibits harassment of individuals (see Sec. 24-32 for “Molesting, disturbing, or following persons”) and State law applies to publicly concealing identity (see Section 16-7-110 for “Wearing masks and the like”). Additional laws may apply, depending upon the specific circumstances of each case.

In the four incidents in Greenville City, there has been no indication of any attempt to contact or lure children into the woods, according to Greenville Police.

They are advising people to not dress in clown outfits.


Greenville Police says they got a call about a suspicious person at the Park Haywood Apartments on Congaree Rd. on Wednesday.

The woman said she saw a man dressed as a clown standing and starring at her while she was in the laundry mat around 5:20 p.m.

She said he just stood there and didn’t say anything.

She left, but he didn’t follow her. She then called the apartment manager.

She said the clown was 35 – 45-years old, 5’10” and slightly overweight (190 – 210 lbs).

He was clean shaven and had dark eyes.

He was wearing a white swimmer’s cap with neon or red hair coming out of the sides; white face paint with a black painted line starting between his eyebrows and ending at his upper lip.

He was also wearing a gray long sleeve t-shirt and white gloves.

His pants were described as white and “balloon” pants.

She said he smelled like house paint.


Police responded to a suspicious person call last night around 10:25 at Canaan Pointe Apartments in Spartanburg.

The caller said the person was dressed as a clown and was standing in her backyard.

She said she took a picture of the clown and he ran away.

Police say the photo was too dark to make out an image.

Police weren’t able to find the clown.

They say they will continue to follow up on this incident and encourage anyone that may have seen a suspicious person in the area to them.

This is the first sighting in Spartanburg. There have been 4 more in Greenville.


Greenville Police received a call from a concerned parent on August 31 about another clown sighting.

The caller said their daughter was walking home from Hughes Academy when she saw a clown in the woods.

They said it happened on Deoyley Ave.

A witness said the person was dressed in black and wearing a clown mask walking toward the backyard of a home.

Police said they searched the area and didn’t find anything. They say they are stepping up patrols.


The first incident happened on Sunday, August 21st, and involved kids seeing clowns in the woods bordering the Fleetwood Manor apartment complex.

The complainant stated that the clowns were holding green lasers and cash in their hands, in an attempt to lure the children into the woods.

shemwood_apartments_playground Deputies responded to the area but were not able to substantiate the claims through evidence or video surveillance.



The Sheriff’s Office received another call from a young girl on Monday, August 29th, about a clown sighting near Emerald Commons on White Horse Road.

The girl stated that she saw a man taking pictures of kids, and shortly after, saw a man dressed as a clown and coming out of the woods.

She said the man taking pictures of kids was riding on a blue bike, and the other man was wearing a black jacket and a clown mask.

Again, deputies were unable to find any evidence to validate the claim.

Both incidents are being investigated, and the Sheriff’s Office has increased patrols in the area to ensure the safety of the public.



Greenville City Dispatch responded to another report of a clown sighting at Shemwood Crossing on Shemwood Lane Tuesday night.

A resident at the apartment complex confronted the clown, and the clown reportedly left in a car, according to the Greenville Police Department.

Our crew on the scene talked to a couple of residents who said they ran after the clowns after kids told them clowns were by the playground.

They say they saw the clowns drive away in a dark-colored car.

The incident happened around 9:00 p.m. Tuesday.

Police plan to increase patrols in this area as well.

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