Parent ‘furious’ her child’s teacher accused of hitting special ed students with ruler

GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – The Greenville County School District confirms two educators are out of a job because they improperly disciplined special needs students.

It happened at East North Street Academy in Greenville. Sharieka Glenn’s autistic son Jayden, 10, is about two weeks into fifth grade there.

“He’s always has an action figure. He loves toys,” she said.  “He’s verbally limited, he’s been in therapy pretty much since he was a baby.”

She says he started acting differently after his first days at East North Street Academy.

“He just started crying hysterically and I was like ‘what’s wrong what’s wrong”’ Of course he can’t tell me.”

Sharieka and son, Jayden

She says on Wednesday, the school’s principal said her son’s teacher was accused of ‘inappropriately disciplining’  students.

“Said she [principal] was calling to notify me that there was an incident at the school.”

7 News obtained an incident report the principal filed with the Greenville Police on Wednesday.

It states the incident happened on August 16th, and says wooden, tape covered, rulers were used by a teacher – and possibly a teacher’s aide – to strike students in Jayden’s class.

“I can’t fathom why a teacher would want to hit a child with a ruler. I don’t.. I don’t see why – especially a special needs kid,” said Glenn.

The district has not confirmed the teachers’ name, but Glenn says she was furious.

“After I read the [incident] report, I showed him a ruler that I got in my room. I pulled it out and he instantly just held his hand out like this and started looking scared. And I’m like, you gotta be kidding me.”

The Greenville County School District confirmed two educators improperly disciplined their students at East North Street Academy and are no longer employed.

“If you can’t have patience not to hit a student, why would you even get into that field? Especially if they’re special needs,” said Glenn.

No charges have been filed as Greenville Police say there’s still more to investigate.

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