Shots fired at woman’s car while she’s driving in Union, say police

South Mountain Street, Union, S.C.

UNION, S.C. (WSPA)- Police in Union are looking for two men accused of shooting into a woman’s car as she was driving.

According to the incident report, it happened around 11:15 p.m. Wednesday in the 400 block of South Mountain Street in Union.

The woman told police she had just picked up her child and was driving on South Mountain near Wagnon Alley when she heard shots fired. She pulled into the driveway of a vacant home. That’s when an officer noticed three bullet holes in the back of her car.

According to the report, there were two bullet holes in the rear bumper and one in the trunk. The officer also noticed shell casings in the road nearby.

A passenger in the car told police he saw the man doing the shooting walking on South Mountain Street with another man. The passenger told police that the shooter was a black man around 30 years old, about 6’2″, wearing a white tank top, blue jeans and black shoes.

He described the other person as a black man about 20 years old, wearing black jogging pants with a white stripe down the side, black shirt with a white t-shirt underneath and a do-rag on his head.

Police gathered evidence at the scene and say they’re still investigating.

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