FDA ban could change the way you wash your hands

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – You may soon say goodbye to antibacterial soaps.

The Food and Drug Administration says they do little or nothing to make soap work any better and said the industry has failed to prove they’re safe.

This comes as the organization bans more then a dozen ingredients in popular soap brands. Dr. Michael Doldan with WNY Immediate Care said, “I think the antibacterial soap label catches the eye of some people, and they think that must be better right? Well it’s not.”

In 2013 The FDA gave soap-makers a year to show that adding antibacterial chemicals did anything at all to help them kill germs. But as of Friday, came out saying they are unsatisfied with the data. Now they’re saying it could cause long term harm.

The move affects roughly 40 percent of the over-the-counter antibacterial soap market, and the way you shop. Doldan said, “They can cause hormonal problems and muscle weakness in some patients.”

The agency said it is banning products that contain any one of 19 ingredients that have not been proven safe. But the ruling does not affect alcohol-based hand sanitizers or antibacterial products used in hospitals and clinics. Doldan said, “It’s no more effective then regular soap and water, so why keep it on the market? It doesn’t make any sense.”

The two most common chemicals are, triclosan and triclocarban, often found in liquid soaps, bar soaps and other items. Manufacturers will have one year to remove the ingredients from their products or to take them off the market.

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