Police officer surprises woman with new car after accident

Credit: KWQC

MOLINE, Ill. (KWQC) – One woman’s bad day turned into a message of goodwill here in the QCA. Danielle Robinson says her car was totaled in an accident on Wednesday, August 31, 2016, not far from the Moline Police Station.

The single mom was unsure what she would do to get around until Officer Patrick Moody stepped in. KWQC photojournalist Koel Gibbs brings us their story.

“I feel excited, I am very happy. I feel blessed, this is a big blessing. Yesterday I was in a car accident and the person totaled a car and I was livid and I was just focused on work. Not even like am I okay? Then I had to humble myself, like okay, you can always get another car. Not knowing that this man right here is actually going to help me. He is a true blessing, I thank you so much!” Robinson said.

“She was very respectful. Like I told her a little while ago, that goes so far with me, for many of us. And I just really appreciated that too even as upset as she was,” Officer Moody said. “I made a commitment to myself last year, that I was at least once a year do something big for someone that can never repay me back. After the accident I contemplated it for a while. Well you know what, this is my opportunity to do something here and that’s what I ended up doing.”

Doug Demont, owner of Cheap Cars in Silvis, Ill. helped pay for a portion of the car. Robinson says she referred to her old car as Tony. She’s thinking about naming her new car after Officer Moody.

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