Woman goes into labor while at UT football game

Credit: WATE

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Every year Kason and Kelly Bolin, from Winchester, Tennessee, try to attend at least one UT game in celebration of their wedding anniversary. Thursday night was no different for the four year couple except for the fact they were expecting.

Kason Bolin says they were enjoying the game until their future Vol For Life decided he was tired of just listening to the game.

“She starts going into labor in the third quarter with about eight minutes left,” said Kason Bolin.”So we got up to walk out and she didn’t really know she was in labor. She was just having pains.”

Baby Delton Marion Bolin wasn’t due until September 13 but at that point, it was all about getting to the nearest hospital through game day traffic.

“There’s nothing that prepares you to rush your wife to hospital when your baby is being born, heart beating out of your chest and the pain that she’s going through you can’t imagine,” said Kason Bolin.

The future quarterback, just hours old, allegedly came out screaming, “Go Vols!”

“I’ve got a little girl but there’s something about a father and a son,” said Kason Bolin. “We’re just tickled to death having a little boy and he’s doing good. He’s eating good and he was big like me, eight-pounds three ounces.”

The Kason family says they had an eventful night but that they wouldn’t change a thing.

“What better place to have a baby than Rocky Top, he ain’t going to have no choice but to be a UT fan cause that’s all he has around him.”

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