Upstate Pastor for Trump accused of falsifying online resume

TITLE: Pastor Mark speaking in Greenville at a Trump rally AUTHOR: Debrareneelee CC 2.0 (

GREENVILLE, S.C (WSPA-TV) – An Upstate televangelist and frequent Trump surrogate on the campaign trail is back in hot water just days after 7 News confronted him about a controversial tweet of Hillary Clinton in “black face”. This time, Pastor Mark Burns is accused of falsifying his resume.

Last week, Burns sat down with 7 News Reporter, Addie Hampton.

“We are creating a society where one group is more important than another group,” Burns said in that interview.

Burns said Americans shouldn’t be focused on race descriptors.

“The moment that we get rid of the adjectives that describe us and realities separate us, what takes place in the south side of Chicago stops being a Black issue or an African American issue and it just becomes an American Issue,” said Burns.

The “colors that divide us” message has been his central them across the Trump campaign trail, leading him to the national spotlight at July’s Republican National Convention.

This week, Burns is firing back at criticism that he falsified his own resume.

“I do also want to set the record straight about why this attack is happening – because I am a black man supporting Donald Trump for President,” said Burns in a statement, Saturday.

That statement stems from a CNN interview, Saturday, with reporter Victor Blackwell.

“Is that the bio from your website,” questioned Blackwell.

“It is, but this is not an accurate depiction of that bio,” said Burns.

Blackwell confronted Burns about the now deleted website bio that was live during the RNC.

It claimed Burns is a North Greenville University graduate, a member of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity and a former Army reservist. These are all things CNN confirmed to be false.

Following the recorded confrontation, a frustrated Burns left that interview. A short time later he released a statement apologizing for “misrepresenting” his “background.”


Monday, 7 News reached out to Pastor Burns for comment. We are still waiting to hear back.

For now, Burns continues to be active on social media, continuing to push the same message he did in our interview last week.


“Hillary Clinton panders and the Democrat Party panders after the African American vote and they’ve been taken advantage of,” said Burns.

In his statement this week, burns went on to condemn “the media” and “political insiders” for attacking him and called Mr. Trump a unifier.

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