City of Asheville develops Restaurant Start-up Guide

ASHEVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Opening a restaurant involves building permits, health inspections, fire inspections, ABC permits, and much, much more.

That’s why the City of Asheville has developed a Start-Up Guide for people who are looking to start their own restaurant.

The guide is set up like a board game and is designed to help simplify the process for business owners.

“Restaurants are one of the harder projects to get off the ground because they’re complicated with multiple agencies involved beyond the City,” said Development Services Director Jason Nortz.

About 500 copies of the guide will be printed out and distributed to the Asheville Independent Restaurant Association, as well as the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce and the Asheville Board of Realtors.

“Our hope is that the City’s new Restaurant Startup Guide will serve as an effective planning tool for people who have great culinary ideas and need guidance on how to make their vision a reality,” said Nortz.

The guide is printable for everyone, and will also be available at Asheville’s DSD Customer Service Counter, located in the Public Works Building on S Charlotte St.

The City of Asheville has also announced several Development Services Department upgrades including:

For more information, click here, or call (828) 259-5846.

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