Greer P.D. adds Craigslist safe zone

Greer P.D. Emergency System
Greer P.D. Emergency System

GREER (WSPA) – The Greer Police Department is adding a brand feature to help keep people safe when they’re meeting a stranger for a Craigslist sale.

A new emergency pole is now in the back parking lot of the police department.

They’re typically found on college campuses, but Greer P.D. is the first department in the state to have this technology on their property.

The ultimate goal is to keep residents safe when they’re trying to make online sales.

Officials say they’ve had an issue with people being robbed when the buy and sell things online, which us why they decided to create the safe zone.

There are two parking spots as the designated safe area for Craigslist purchases, or even custody exchanges.

The emergency system comes equipped with a line connecting directly to dispatch, and a camera that’s recording 24/7. That way if something does go wrong, officers will be there in a matter of seconds.

The recording equipment should be up and running by the end of the month.

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