Regulations on nude dancers hamper business, says Nikita’s



Only one line has changed in an Wellford ordinance that regulates nude dancers for Nikita’s Playhouse, but the owner says it’s making an impact.

For the past decade anyone that is is a nude dancer within Wellford is required to get a business license and at that time get a background check. Before that background check would continue to be valid if the dancers were just trying to renew licenses, now they have to get a new background check every year.

The police chief of Wellford will now approve or deny the application, based on the results of the background check. Wellford has denied applications in the past. 7 News asked what the standard for denial would be, and Wellford says that there aren’t any. Meaning a government agency is deciding who can and cannot be hired in a private business.

Nikita’s owner says those regulations are hampering business because without them he could hire twice the amount of dancers.

Since the end of June, 12 dancers have already gotten business licenses at $200 each. Treadwell predicts by the end of the year the number of licenses could double or triple, earning the city between 5 and 7 thousand dollars.

Treadwell says that those restrictions are costing him business.

“They’ve been trying to squeeze me out for years. They wouldn’t care if I closed up and went away tomorrow, they’d be happy,” said Treadwell.


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