“Flomo Klowns” Force lock down of 2 AL schools

FILE PHOTO - Pixabay.com

FLOMATON, AL (WKRG) — Two schools in Escambia County, Alabama were put on lock down for the reported threat of “Flomo Klowns” in the area.

The clowns were spotted near the grounds of Flomaton High School and Escambia County High School in Atmore, prompting school officials to put the schools on lock down early Thursday after similar incidents have occurred in other southern states.

As of 11:00am, Flomaton High School’s lock down has been lifted. However, Escambia County High School is still on lock down, authorities said.

The “Flomo Klowns” have a Facebook page where they say, “I kill people for a living.” There is more threatening language on their Facebook page, including several gun emojis and one post from Thursday stating, “it’s going down tonight.”

News 5 is told there is no credible threat of a gun on the campus of either school.

Mike Lambert, a Chief Deputy with the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, says the situation is being taken “seriously.”

Parents tell News 5 there are at least two more Facebook pages of local clowns threatening the area. With most seeing it as a prank, these Facebook pages are receiving many friend requests from curious users.

A photo posted to the “Flomo Klown” Facebook page. (Courtesy: Facebook)
In recent weeks, clowns have been showing up from North Carolina to Georgia. According to media reports, some clowns are luring children into the woods with the promise of candy. In some areas, it’s being taken as a prank, but in others, police are working to make arrests.

Not much in known about the Flomo Klowns other than their Facebook page, where the group lists themselves as “from Flomaton, Alabama” and “lives in Flomaton, Alabama.” There are creepy photos of clowns on the page, along with several vague threats.

Anyone who sees the clowns are asked to call police immediately. We’ll have more on this story on our Noon newscast, plus later this evening.

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