Narcotics tip line helps solve crimes in Spartanburg

Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office narcotics investigators tell 7 News the tips they receive on the narcotics tip line help them solve crimes and speed up criminal investigations.

Investigators brought 7 News along one morning as they were executing a search warrant in a neighborhood in Greer.

They said catching Michael Zaagman and Emily Haas making meth began with a tip that came in through the narcotics tip line. Then investigators were able to do their own research and surveillance to confirm their suspicions that Zaagman might have been making or selling methamphetamine.

Investigators said specific tips with details like house numbers, a suspect’s habits and exact locations were the most helpful pieces of information in solving this crime.

Sheriff Chuck Wright said deputies will be able to keep your identity concealed even if you leave a phone number for investigators to call you back on.

Investigators were able to surprise the suspect on his way to work and they found evidence that made for a stronger case against Zaagman.

Investigators said they found meth he recently made, dangerous trash and evidence he made it with Haas’s 7 year old daughter in the home.

They told 7 News although everyone may not see the same result, tips will be thoroughly investigated.

NARCOTICS DIVISION Narcotics Tip Line: (864) 595-5403 }


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