NC couple overdoses with child in car, police say

Steven McCullen and Christine McCullen
Steven McCullen (left) and Christine McCullen

GOLDSBORO, N.C. (WNCT) – Police say the three-year-old child of a NC couple found passed out from an overdose in their car has been taken into custody by the Department of Social Services.

They were found just after 7 p.m. on Tuesday morning in the parking lot of the McDonald’s on Wayne Memorial Drive in Goldsboro.

Officers said when they were called to investigate a suspicious car they found two people passed out from an apparent drug overdose. Police said they found eleven hypodermic needles and several open packages of heroin at the scene.

Police said the suspects’ three-year-old child was also inside the car at the time and didn’t appear to have any injuries. However, the child had been taken to Wayne Memorial for evaluation.

The two suspects were identified as Steven McCullen and Christine McCullen. Both subjects face multiple charges for drug possession and child abuse.

This comes just days after a similar situation in Ohio, when a photo of another couple passed out in their van with a child in the back seat went viral.

“It doesn’t just affect them,” said Nikki Lewis, Port Human Services program supervisor. “It affects their entire family, including their kids.”

Lewis works to combat the drug epidemic in North Carolina, and she said addicts need to understand what services are available for them and their family.

“We have to educate people about the dangers of all substance use, and how harmful it can be to the individual,” Lewis said.

Goldsboro police said the person who called 911 to report that suspicious vehicle may have saved their lives.

In light of similar cases, they ask anyone who sees a car out place or a suspicious car parked for an extended period of time to call them.

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