Baby rescued after being left in hot car in Greer


GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA-TV) – A baby was left inside a hot, locked car at an Upstate store parking lot, Wednesday. Temperatures topped 90 degrees. Luckily, someone found the baby before it was too late.

The Spartanburg County Sheriff’s office says that baby is recovering in emergency protective custody.
The investigation is ongoing and no arrests have yet been made.

Child safety advocates say this is happening more than we may think. Nationwide, we’re trending up this year with 29 hot car deaths in kids.

It’s why “Safe Kids Upstate” is giving out window cling decals with a working thermometer to show parents just how fast a car can heat up with your precious cargo inside.

Safe Kids Upstate Manager, Cynthia Fryer, placed a decal inside her car before her interview with 7 News’ Addie Hampton, Friday. Within seconds of closing the door, it was already reading 90 degrees inside the car. Within 15 minutes, the temperature had soared to 130 degrees.

Imagine, Fryer said, a child inside this car.

“Children, the smaller they are, they heat up faster…3 to 5 times faster,” said Fryer.

Too often, she said this is leading to death or injury.

“It hurts your heart every time you hear about a child, either a near miss or we lose a child,” said Fryer.

Her heart hurt learning about the baby pulled from the car just this week.

The Good Samaritan who rescued the child spoke, off camera, to Hampton.

She said she didn’t want recognition. She was just doing what she could to save a life.

It is quick action like this that Fryer said makes all the difference.

“You will not be prosecuted if you’re actually trying to save a child’s life,” said Fryer.

For parents, she said here’s no shame in creating reminders to help remember your kid is in the car, especially when you are out of a normal routine.

“I know this sounds silly. Put your cell phone beside your child. People will not forget their cell phones,” said Fryer.

This week, Congressmen introduced the “Hot Car Act of 2016” aimed at requiring auto manufacturers to place alert technology in vehicles.

Likewise, apps like “Waze” have started sending their own alerts to check your back seat.

Fryer said it never hurts to add another layer of action.

“For every death that occurs, that is a death that could have been avoided if we would just act,” said Fryer.

Upstate Kids is offering these decals for free those who want them. Click HERE for contact information.

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