FL High students fight to display American flag on their vehicles


DUNEDIN, Fla. (WFLA) — Students at a Tampa Bay area high school are fighting to display the American flag on their vehicles.

School administrators at Dunedin High School say a rule put in place several years ago, doesn’t allow for loose items to be left on vehicles or in truck beds. Students are supposed to lock loose items away in their cars during school hours.

Principal Kyle Johnson and Pinellas County School District officials tell News Channel 8 the rule was put in place for safety of the students.

Officials said items, such as 2×4 wood pieces, tools, and metal equipment had been left in truck beds and in the past, items such as those had been used to vandalize property.

Principal Johnson also said a student previously walked into a 2×4 that was sticking out of a truck bed and injured herself.

He also says there is a construction workshop on campus and a lot of students who attend classes at the workshop would leave construction-related items in the beds of their trucks. Some of the items were stolen. Principal Johnson said making sure there is nothing loose in the bed of a truck prevents thefts.

The principal says he will now allow student government to come up with a proposal to change the rule.

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